Imagine connor kenway wearing duckling patterned pajamas.

Depends: Kid or Adult Connor?


You make me question my allegiance to the Assassins I hope you're happy

Modern au, haytham and ziio, have been living together for maybe a year or two. Haytham is in charge of one of the company districts in abstergo and Ziio also works under him but she had to have a few months off because she preggars with his babby.

So, alone in the house she does at times leave for a walk, maybe light shopping but mostly stays in the house.

Suddenly the house caught on fire from an unknown cause, maybe one the assassins? And Ziio gets stuck and breaks her legs. She gets a few major burns but the firemen save her in time before she died.

Eversince, Haytham became paranoid at leaving her alone in the house, usually asking one of his friends to help, eventually hiring a maid or a nurse to keep Ziio company and everytime he goes home he checks the house and checks her if she’s doing fine. At times he would stay at home days at a time to accopmpany her and he would do work there.

what if arno dies in unity

Join the templars and rise with us.

Jojo anime is the most bara thing ive ever watched

i love it


when someone messages you telling you that they unfollowed you


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Imagine connor kenway wearing duckling patterned pajamas.


I recently discovered mongoliantiger's amazing blog, and haven't been off it since. It's been three days. Send help.  


Every time haytham goes on screen on rogue imma spread my legs and when he gone imma close them

Imma learn how to do splits.

I bought myself a new sling

A very nice arm sling


I love my sling.

Modern au: ziio dragging haytham into a lingerie store.

i noticed how haytham looks at ziio i bet he looks at her evertime she’s looking away and she know he’s looking but she couldnt look at him in the eye because she’s not comfortable because no one has shown such intense adoration towards her. Also, she rarely said his name as well. If i recall, she only said his name once.

And when they were making love she probably looked away as well, until haytham stops and holds her face then he tenderly says “Ziio, please look at me.” She bits the inside of her cheek then she turns her head and finds him staring at her. He shows a gentle smile then continues, he leans closer and kisses her lips so very gently then he pleads “Please say my name. Look at me and say my name.”

Then she says it. And his heart races and embraces her. “Say it again.” And she does so. And he asks again and again until she’s chanting his name.